Reflections and insights

A nation becomes what it celebrates.-Rajesh Kochhar

Any thing that needs to be proven is not worth proving.-Rajesh Kochhar

A stupid person is one who does not know what you learnt yesterday.-Rajesh Kochhar

Never solve a problem. Find out how you can benefit from the absence of the solution.-Rajesh Kochhar ( Business Today,7 Feb. 1992)

A good leader knows the art of taking decisions on  some grounds and defending them on entirely different grounds.-Rajesh Kochhar ( Business Today,7 Feb. 1992)

A successful reformer will soon become redundant.-Rajesh Kochhar ( Business Today,7 Apr.1992)

History records the names of royal bastards, but cannot tell us the origin of wheat.-Jean Henri Fabre 1823-1915, French entomologist

History has its compulsions; that is what makes it educative.History also has its romances; that is what makes it fascinating.-Rajesh Kochhar

History cannot provide proof,only illustrations.-Rajesh Kochhar

Arguments do not go wrong; assumptions do.-Rajesh Kochhar

We become aware of our shortcomings when we see them in our children.-Rajesh Kochhar

When we are angry with ourselves, we shout at others.-Rajesh Kochhar

Losses due to stupidity will always be less than those due to cleverness.-Rajesh Kochhar

A good leader appeals to the nobler instincts of people for their betterment. a bad leader brings out the bser instincts of people for his own survival.-Rajesh Kochhar

A complicated solution cannot be the right solution.-Rajesh Kochhar

A right decision has to be right for more tahn one reason.A wrong decision can be wrong for only one reason.-Rajesh Kochhar

Correct solution is unique.There is no second best solution.-Rajesh Kochhar

If a person asks for help, give it to him. If he asks for  both help and sympathy, givehim sympathy but not help.-Rajesh Kochhar

Do not give advice to a person who does not know he needs advice.–Rajesh Kochhar

Do not discuss a person’s subconscious with him.-Rajesh Kochhar

People base their decisions on not what they discuss but on what they consider to be already settled.-Rajesh Kochhar

Intelligence is almost entirely useless to some one who has no other quality.-Alexis Carrel, French surgeon, Nobel medicine prize 1912

Information technology will be   almost entirely useless to a nation which has no other strength.-Rajesh Kochhar

Two things produce a antion-a rich inheritance of memoriesand the desire to preserve these memories.-Thomas Ernst Hulme 1883-1917, British poet

A successful venture is one in which many people can claim credit for its success.-Rajesh Kochhar

Give me the fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own correctionsYo can keep your sterile truth for yourself.-Vilfredo Pareto 1848-1923

To be an Error & to be cast out is a part of God’s design. -William Blake 1757-1827

A great truth is a truth whos opposite is also a great truth.-Thomas mann 1875-1955

Science is the best way of satisfying the curiosity of individuals at government expense.-L.A.Artsimovich

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations we can perform without thinking about them.-Alfred North Whitehead 1861-1947

A first rate laboratory is one  in which mediocre scientists can produce outstanding work.-Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett 1897-1974, British physicist

Unless GNP of a country depends on technology, science cannot flourish in it.-Rajesh Kochhar

A man  said to the universe

‘Sir, I exist’.

‘However’, replied the universe,

‘The  same has not created in me

A sense of obligation’.-Stephen Crane 1871-1900


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