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Panjab University: The early years

Rajesh Kochhar Reprinted from Kochhar, Rajesh et al (eds) (2013) The Making of Modern Punjab: Education, Science  and Social Change c. 1850-c. 2000, pp. 63-65( Chandigarh: Panjab University).    The Punjab University Lahore became part of Pakistan at the time of Partition, while most students and teachers migrated to India. ( continue reading… )

Panjab University at crossroads (2008)

The Tribune Chandigarh (Education) 26 August 20   Panjab University at crossroads Rajesh Kochhar    THE status of Panjab University is being animatedly discussed in official correspondences and newspaper columns. The debate reminds one of the 19th-century European fetishes for classification. First rigid categories were created and then realities were ( continue reading… )