Two Types of Oxygen: Indian COVID Fudge

India exported 9884 metric tons of liquid oxygen during February 20 – January 21. The figure is more than double the previous year and highest in three years.

In a clever but dishonest manner un-named govt sources have defended the decision saying that the export was of industrial oxygen and not medical oxygen. This is as if industrial oxygen is contaminated and not fit for medical use.

Govt itself has directed the channeling of industrial oxygen to hospitals.

The Delhi High Court on Tuesday directed the central government to cut down the industrial use of oxygen and deliver it to hospitals treating Covid-19 patients in the city. It said the government order restricting the industrial use of oxygen should be enforced immediately.

In other words, while the world by way of abundant caution was importing oxygen, vaccine, remdesivir, etc., for own use, a short-sighted India was busy making a quick buck unmindful of consequences.

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