Lectures delivered in India and abroad since 2006

Abroad ( Some powerpoints uploaded on Slideshare)


2016 Jun 28 Lecture on Indian higher education under globalization @Trinity College Dublin
2016 Jun 23  Paper titled Ancient India: Discovery, invention and uses @ British Scholar Society Conference, King’s College London
2015 Aug 8 Talk  on Sky as a bridge: Astronomical interactions in Eurasia through the ages @  29th General Assembly, International Astronomical Union, Honolulu.

Mar 26-28

Talk on Sky as a bridge: Transmission of Indian astronomy to China, Korea and Japan @ Eighth International Conference on Oriental Astronomy (ICOA-8), Hefei, China.

Jul. 27

Paper on The making of scientific, industrial and arrogant Europe @24th International Congress of History of Science, Technology and Medicine, Manchester

Nov 8

Talk on Mathematically amenable demons: Evolutionary history of eclipse treatment in Indian scriptures and astronomy @ Third Conference on Cultural Astronomy, University of Molise, Campobasso, Italy.

Jul 1

Talk on Scriptures, science and mythology: An ancient Indian astronomical
interplay @Institute of Astronomy, University of Vienna.

Jun 20

 Lecture on From Ziegenbalg to Alexander Duff: Early History of English education in India 1705-1835@Symposium on “ Grappling across borders: Tranquebar-The case of a South Indian village in past and present”, Carlsberg Academy, Copenhagen.

Oct 22

Paper on Globalization and de-nationalization of Indian middle class @39th annual conference of Mid-Atlantic Region Association of Asian Studies, Pennsylvania State University, State College

Jan 19

Invited review talk on Scriptures, science and mythology : Role of astronomy in  Indian cultures @ International Astronomical Union UNESCO Symposium on “ Role of astronomy in culture and society” UNESCO Paris.



Oct 15

Lecture on “Colonial use of science and the differential native responses” @ Astronomy Department, Istanbul University.



Oct 15

Introductory address “Astronomical heritage: Towards a global perspective and action” @ ICOMOS International Symposium on “Cultural Heritage: Astronomical Observatories from Classical Astronomy to Modern Astrophysics”, Hamburg.



Nov 22

Lecture on ‘Indian Yuga system of time reckoning: origin and uses’ @ Seminar for Indology, Tuebingen University.



Nov 20

Lecture on ‘Advent and growth of modern astronomy in India’ @ Instituto Nazionale di Astrofisica, Padova, Italy.



Nov 16

Colloquium on ‘Seductive Orientalism: Modern science in India” @ Department of History’, University of Texas at Austin.



Jan 7

Recorded an interview for BBC Radio on Science in India, broadcast and webcast in Feb 2007. President Abdul Kalam and other leading scientists are being interviewed for the series.



Apr 19

Lecture on ‘Colonial use of science: The Indian approach’ @ Royal Dublin Society (est. 1731) Dublin



Apr 5

Lecture on ‘Ancient India: Discovery and invention’ @ Department of Sanskrit and Indian Studies, Harvard University.



Apr 3

Lecture on ‘Colonial use of science and native responses’

@ South Asia Programme, Cornell University, Ithaca.



Mar 13

Lecture on ‘Seductive orientalism’ @ Queen’s University, Belfast.



b. Within India

2013 Apr 12 Science behind Indian festivals @ Panjab University Department of Mass Communication
2013 Apr 5 Introducing the theme@ Panjab University Ruchi Ram Sahni 150th Birthday Celebrations Inaugural function
2011 Jul 28 Hindoo College Calcutta Revisited: Its pre-history and the role of Rammohun Roy. Meghnad Saha Memorial Lecture @ Indian Science News Association Calcutta                                         
2008 Aug 4 Talk on “Rise and decline of Indian Science” @ Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai. 
2008 Aug 1-2 ‘Distinguished Speaker’ @  Round Table Conference on “Role of science and spirituality in promoting the culture of peace in the world” @ Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune. 
2008 Jul 29 “Seductive orientalism: Modern science and education” @ National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bangalore.
2008 Jan 25 Foundation Day Lecture on “Genetically modified crops: Fears and excitement” @ Bangalore University.
2008 Jan 18 National Academy of Science India’s Prof. R.C. Gupta History of Science Award Lecture on “Rise and decline of modern science in India” @ Panjab University, Chandigarh.
2007 Dec 29 Paper on “Ayurveda: Origin and evolution” @ Seminar on “Science & Technology in India’s past”, Delhi University [Preprint]
2007Dec. 28 Prof. S.C. Mishra Memorial Lecture’ on “Seductive orientalism: English education and modern science in colonial India” @ 68th  Indian History Congress, Delhi University [Preprint]
2007 Oc t27 Invited talk at the 22nd Indian Association for Physics Teachers Convention and Symposium @ Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla.
2007 Jan 18 Lecture on ‘Rise and decline of modern science in India’ @ Calcutta University 150th Anniversary International Seminar on Science , Culture and Social Change, Calcutta
 2006  Nov 30
  67th Acharya J.C. Bose Memorial Lecture on ‘Modern science in India: Colonial compulsions,           nationalist aspirations and global circumventions’ @ Bose Institute, Kolkata. [Preprint]


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