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Obama, Afghanistan, and an ancient wisdom tale

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There was a Lion who faced a peculiar problem. When he took dinner, pieces of meat stuck in his mien. When he went to sleep , a Rat would come and disturb the sleep.The Lion then hired a Cat whose job was to keep the Rat at bay.In return the Cat could partake the Lion’s dinner.

One day the Cat caught the Rat and killed it. The Cat was no longer needed and was therefore dismissed.
The Cat declared it was a mistake on his part to have killed the Rat. He should have kept the problem alive for the sake of his own employment.
As students of contemporary affairs know, USA is spending huge amounts of money to solve the Afghanistan problem.Some persons must be benefiting from this. Would it be in their interest to see the problem solved?

Reflections and insights

Posted in Blogs (Articles), Reflections and Insights on December 11th, 2008 by Rajesh Kochhar – Be the first to comment

A nation becomes what it celebrates.-Rajesh Kochhar

Any thing that needs to be proven is not worth proving.-Rajesh Kochhar

A stupid person is one who does not know what you learnt yesterday.-Rajesh Kochhar

Never solve a problem. Find out how you can benefit from the absence of the solution.-Rajesh Kochhar ( Business Today,7 Feb. 1992)

A good leader knows the art of taking decisions on  some grounds and defending them on entirely different grounds.-Rajesh Kochhar ( Business Today,7 Feb. 1992)

A successful reformer will soon become redundant.-Rajesh Kochhar ( Business Today,7 Apr.1992)

History records the names of royal bastards, but cannot tell us the origin of wheat.-Jean Henri Fabre 1823-1915, French entomologist

History has its compulsions; that is what makes it educative.History also has its romances; that is what makes it fascinating.-Rajesh Kochhar

History cannot provide proof,only illustrations.-Rajesh Kochhar

Arguments do not go wrong; assumptions do.-Rajesh Kochhar

We become aware of our shortcomings when we see them in our children.-Rajesh Kochhar

When we are angry with ourselves, we shout at others.-Rajesh Kochhar

Losses due to stupidity will always be less than those due to cleverness.-Rajesh Kochhar

A good leader appeals to the nobler instincts of people for their betterment. a bad leader brings out the bser instincts of people for his own survival.-Rajesh Kochhar

A complicated solution cannot be the right solution.-Rajesh Kochhar

A right decision has to be right for more tahn one reason.A wrong decision can be wrong for only one reason.-Rajesh Kochhar

Correct solution is unique.There is no second best solution.-Rajesh Kochhar

If a person asks for help, give it to him. If he asks for  both help and sympathy, givehim sympathy but not help.-Rajesh Kochhar

Do not give advice to a person who does not know he needs advice.–Rajesh Kochhar

Do not discuss a person’s subconscious with him.-Rajesh Kochhar

People base their decisions on not what they discuss but on what they consider to be already settled.-Rajesh Kochhar

Intelligence is almost entirely useless to some one who has no other quality.-Alexis Carrel, French surgeon, Nobel medicine prize 1912

Information technology will be   almost entirely useless to a nation which has no other strength.-Rajesh Kochhar

Two things produce a antion-a rich inheritance of memoriesand the desire to preserve these memories.-Thomas Ernst Hulme 1883-1917, British poet

A successful venture is one in which many people can claim credit for its success.-Rajesh Kochhar

Give me the fruitful error any time, full of seeds, bursting with its own correctionsYo can keep your sterile truth for yourself.-Vilfredo Pareto 1848-1923

To be an Error & to be cast out is a part of God’s design. -William Blake 1757-1827

A great truth is a truth whos opposite is also a great truth.-Thomas mann 1875-1955

Science is the best way of satisfying the curiosity of individuals at government expense.-L.A.Artsimovich

Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations we can perform without thinking about them.-Alfred North Whitehead 1861-1947

A first rate laboratory is one  in which mediocre scientists can produce outstanding work.-Patrick Maynard Stuart Blackett 1897-1974, British physicist

Unless GNP of a country depends on technology, science cannot flourish in it.-Rajesh Kochhar

A man  said to the universe

‘Sir, I exist’.

‘However’, replied the universe,

‘The  same has not created in me

A sense of obligation’.-Stephen Crane 1871-1900 FaceBook maxweb Twitter maxweb linkedin maxweb googleplus maxweb facebook facebook ChandigarhCity.Info facebook facebook