Vicky Donor: A film review

Vicky Donor is a rather low-budget bold and interesting movie that has done well commercially.It deals with the story of a young Punjabi who permits himself to be persuaded to donate his sperm for the benefit of childless couples. The film makes light hearted digs at Punjabis and Bengalis; shows un-offensive banter between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law; and in general advocates broad-mindedness which every one finds acceptable.
The film shows that the confidence level of Indian audiences is higher than it was say 50 or even 20 years ago.
It may not be very well known taht the story line resembles that of a movie made in 1967 which in spite of its star cast failed to make much of an impression.
In Chandan ka Palna, the Dharmendra character marries Meen Kumari, who it turns out cannot bear children. Dharmendra divorces her and marries again. The new wife dutifully delivers a male heir and conveniently dies in child birth paving the way for the return of Meena Kumari.
Vicky Donor’s denouement is similar. Here also the wife cannot produce a child, But still the bloodline is continued not through the physical union of the hero with anoyher woman, but thanks to a previous sperm donation. The movie makers deserve to be complimented for breaking the old mubarrak-ho- Munnua -hua -hai stereotype. The child, presumably the only one, in the lap of loving couple is a girl.
Finally, a voice against the term Bollywood to denote Hindi film industry. Bollywood, coined in imitation of Hollywood, belittles Hindi films as an institution. My preference would be to use HinCin ( Hindi Cinema) instead.

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