Rising’ and ‘flat’ technologies: Facets of innovation(2004)

Discussion Meeting on ‘Rising’ and ‘flat’ technologies: Facets of innovation NISTADS, Pusa Gate, New Delhi 21 February 2004 ——————————————————————————————– Welcome address Rajesh Kochhar Director NISTADS You would have noticed that the epithets ‘rising’ and ‘flat’ have been put in inverted commas. Let me begin by defining them. A rising technology ( continue reading… )

Inventive individuals; innovative systems

Inventive individuals; innovative systems Rajesh Kochhar If continuity is to sustain itself, it must be embedded in change; it must continually evolve.Feasible change must be anchored to continuity. Development is incremental, often fulfilling a felt need. Once in place, it generates its own momentum, triggering further developments whose speed or direction could ( continue reading… )

Challenges for creative minds (2008)

Chandigarh ( Education) 10 June 2008 Challenges for creative minds Rajesh Kochhar Human beings are endowed with intellect and imagination. Our social and intellectual leadership is also constantly exhorting young people to become innovative. However, we should make a clear distinction between invention and innovation. An invention is the manifestation ( continue reading… )