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The Kochhar clan

Excerpted from

Rose, HA (1911) A glossary of the tribes and castes of the Punjab and North-West frontier province ( Lahore: Government Printing Press) Vol. 2, p. 522


“The Kochhar claim to be an offshoot of the Seth and say their founder

was left an orphan, his father having been slain in battle. He was

brought up by his sister and their name is derived from Kochhar [should be kuchharh], ‘lap.’

The Kochhars have an interesting custom connected with a bride’s first

pregnancy. Six months after her pregnancy she deliberately feigns

displeasure with the members of the family and goes to some other

house. The bridegroom on hearing of her departure goes in search of

her after having his head, moustaches and beard clean shaved.

When he finds out where she is, he collects a few of his brotherhood

and goes to the place where she is staying. After many entreaties

he promises to give her an ornament, and then takes her back to his

own house.”

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