The cow is dead: Long live dead cow

Rajesh Kochhar

If the nefarious Indian caste system with its inhuman rigidity has survived for so long it is because it did not interfere with economics. Even when India was a Hindu rashtra, Muslims had not yet come, Indians were ruled by Hindu kings and cow was worshipped with genuine reverence, cows still died a natural death. The men from the relevant untouchable caste would have been called and asked to take the dead cow away. No upper caste man would ever go to see what was being done to the dead cow.

Public whipping of dalit boys for skinning a dead cow makes a travesty of the law of the land as also of tradition.

Muslims can be lynched for eating beef because their anti-vote is a foregone conclusion. But, no political party can hope to come to power if two solid vote blocs (eg Muslims and Dalits) decide to vote against it.
Lust for power is a great social reformer. Many times right things are done for wrong reasons. Let us wait and see if this dictum would hold in near future.
PS. If organs from a dead person can be removed for re-use, why cannot a dead cow be utilized?

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