Sur Kshetra: a Hindi television program

Sur Kshetra is a well meaning watchable popular program currently showing on Indian television  It revolves around healthy competition between two  teams of Indian and Pakistani singers, which are judged by a panel of three judges drawn from Bangla Desh, India and Pakistan.They are well known singers in their own right: Runa Laila, Asha Bhosle, and Abida Parveen The anchor has a photogenic face and could have become a successful heroine in the silent movie era.

The main point however is her linguistic ability. She has no respect for grammar: Pakistan team jeet gaya. India ko 10 point mila hai. ( jeet gayi, mile hain). The worst offence is her inability to say kshetra. She pronounces it as Shetra. The only point that can be said in her favour is that many others also say shetra instead of kshetra,

This program, this channel, and in fact all channels need to hire people who know the language well. India must be the only country in the world where  mass media shows such disrespect to the language

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