Recommended role model: A wise old monkey

Any body can react after the event. If you are,  or want to be, in a leadership position, you must anticipate.

There was a wise  old monkey who addressed the young monkeys thus:

“I have noticed that you youngsters play in the King’s kitchen. One day the irritated cook is going to pick up a burning log of wood and throw at you. The dry grass will catch fire and the fire will spread to the next building which  is a stable. The King’s horses will get scalded. The King will call the physician who would tell the King that the horse wounds should be rubbed with  young-monkey fat. The King will then order that all young monkeys be caught and slaughtered and their fat  handed over to the physician. You should therefore desist from playing in the King’s kitchen. You will pay for it with your life.( Source: The old Sanskrit text Panchatantra, by Vishnu Sharma)


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