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The early Indian Academy of Sciences: The Bhera connection

Rajesh Kochhar

Current Science 2013 Vol. 104 No. 11 (10 June) p. 1566

“It is remarkable that four of the fellows elected to the Indian  Aademy of Sciences, Bangalore in its year of establishment,
i.e. 1934, were connected with a small town Bhera now in the Sargodha district of Punjab in Pakistan. In three cases the reason is common. By virtue of being the ancestral place of Ruchi Ram  Sahni (1863–1948), Bhera became the birthplace of his two sons, the palaeobotanist Birbal Sahni (1891–1949) and the geologist Mulk Raj Sahni (1899–1983). It is however not fortuitous that the industrial chemist Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (1894–1955) was also born there. He is linked to the place and Lahore through the Brahmo Samaj. The connection in fact played an important role in Bhatnagar’s personal and professional  life.””

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