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Rajesh Kochhar: List of select publications, with hyperlinks

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Rajesh Kochhar: List of select publications, with hyperlinks
1. R. Kochhar (2022) Sanskrit and British Empire. (Routledge, forthcoming).
2. R. Kochhar (2021) English Education in India, 1715–1835: Half-Caste, Missionary, and Secular Stages (Routledge).
3. R. Kochhar (2000) The Vedic People: Their History and Geography (Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan).
4. R. Kochhar & J. Narlikar (1995) Astronomy in India ( New Delhi: Indian National Science  Academy).
5. R. Kochhar (2019) Ancient Indian history: What do we know and how? Journal of Biosciences, 44(3):60.
6. R. Kochhar (2017) Zinc, steel and rocketry: Western mainstreaming of empirical Indian technologies. Current Science 113(9): 1792-1796.
7. R. Kochhar (2014) Choosing Raman’s successor for Raman Research Institute. Current Science, 107(7):1194-1200.
8. R. Kochhar (2014) Ayurveda: Origins and evolution. Studies in People’s History, 1(1): 95-100.
9. R. Kochhar (2013) The early Indian Academy of Sciences and the Bhera connection. Current Science, 104(11):1566.
10. R. Kochhar (2013) Professor Ruchi Ram Sahni (1863-1948): A scientific biography. Physics News, 43(1):19-35.
11. R. Kochhar (2013) Natural history in India during 18th and 19th centuries. Journal of Biosciences, 38 (2):1-24.
12. R. Kochhar (2013) Tribhuvandas Kalyandas Gajjar (1863-1920): The pioneering industrial chemist of Western India. Current Science, 104: 1093-1097.
13. R. Kochhar (2012) Hindoo College Calcutta Revisited: Its pre-history and the role of Rammohun Roy. Science and Culture, 78: 280-297.
14. R. Kochhar (2012) Early modern natural history: contributions from the Americas and India. Journal of Biosciences, 37: 937-947.
15. R. Kochhar (2011) Smallpox in colonial and scientific contexts. Journal of Biosciences, 36:1-8.
16. R. Kochhar (2011) Dhokra: the Traditional Art of Metal Casting. Chitrolekha: International Magazine on Art and Design, 1(2): 3-9.
17. R. Kochhar (2010) Rahu and Ketu in mythological and astronomological contexts. Indian Journal of History of Science, 45(2):287-297.
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18. R. Kochhar (2008) Rise and decline of modern science in India. National Academy Science Letters (Allahabad), 31 (5&6): 171-174.
19. R. Kochhar (2008) Cultivation of science in the 19th century Bengal. Indian Journal of Physics, 82(8): 1003-1082 (Akshoy Datta Memorial Lecture at Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata.)
20. R. Kochhar (2008) Seductive orientalism: English education and modern science in colonial India. Social Scientist, 36:45-63 (S.C. Mishra Lecture at 68th Indian History Congress, Delhi.)
21. R. Kochhar (2008) Science as a symbol of new nationhood: India and the International Geophysical Year 1957-58. Current Science, 94: 813-816.
22. R. Kochhar (2004) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar. Resonance, 7: 82-89.
23. R. Kochhar (2004) Denationalised middle class: Global escape from Mandal. Economic & Political Weekly, 3 Jan., p. 20.
24. R. Kochhar (2002) Madras and Kodaikanal Observatories: A brief history. Resonance, 7:16-28.
25. D. Smith & R. Kochhar (2002) Multimedia archiving of technological change in a traditional creative industry: A case study of the Dhokra artisans of Bankura, West Bengal. AI & Society, 16, 350-365.
26. R. Kochhar (1999) The truth behind the legend: European doctors in pre-colonial India. Journal of Bioscience, 24: 259-268.
27. R. Kochhar (1999) The rise of the techno-baboo: IT is a brain sink. Current Science, 76: 1531-1533.
28. R. Kochhar (1999) Science and domination: India before and after independence. Current Science, 76(4): 596-601.
29. N.C. Rana & R. K. Kochhar (1995) On the meaning of the Mula Naksatra. Indian Journal of History of Science, 30 (1): 31-34.
30. R. K. Kochhar (1994) Shipbuilding at Bombay. Current Science, 66: 965-969.
31. R. K. Kochhar (1993) Ardaseer Cursetjee (1808-77), the first Indian fellow of the Royal Society of London. Notes & Records of the Royal Society of London, 47: 33-47.
32. R. K. Kochhar (1993) Science in British India. II. Indian response. Current Science, 64 (1): 55-62.
(see next)
33. R. K. Kochhar (1992) Science in British India. I. Colonial tool. Current Science, 63 (11): 689-694.
32 and 33 were combined into one and reprinted by Indian Journal of History of Science, 1999, 34(4):317-346.
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34. R. K. Kochhar (1992) English education in India: Hindu anamnesis versus Muslim torpor. Economic & Political Weekly, 27; 2609-2616. Reprinted in Pakistaniaat, A Journal of Pakistan Studies, 2(1); 62-86.
35. R. K. Kochhar (1991) Science as a tool in British India. Economic & Political Weekly, 26: 1927-1933.
36. R. K. Kochhar (1991) Growth of modern astronomy in India 1651-1960. Vistas in Astronomy, 34, 69-105.
i. This paper was highly commended as a runner-up for the Arthur Beer Memorial Prize for 1988-90; see editorial, Vistas in Astronomy, (1992) 35: i.
ii. Was summarized at a meeting of Royal Astronomical Society, London, in 199.; see Observatory (1993) 113:101.
37. R. K. Kochhar (1991) French astronomers in India during 17-19 centuries. Journal of the British Astronomical Association, 101: 95-100.…95K
38. R. K. Kochhar (1991) Astronomy in British India: Science in the service of the state. Current Science, 60 (2): 124-129.
39. R. K. Kochhar (1990) R. Ll. Jones – C.V. Raman’s physics professor at Presidency College, Madras. Current Science, 59: 65-67.’s%20physics%20professor
40. R. K. Kochhar (1990) Rahu in Burmese tradition . Quarterly Journal of Royal Astronomical Society, 31 : 257.
41. R. K. Kochhar (1989) Transit of mercury 1651: The earliest telescopic observation in India. Indian Journal of History of Science, 24: 186-192.
42. R. K. Kochhar (1987) Shelton clock at Kodaikanal. Antiquarian Horology, 17 (2): 181-184.
43. R. K. Kochhar (1985) Madras Observatory: Buildings and instruments. Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 13: 287-302.
44. R. K. Kochhar (1985) Madras Observatory: The beginning. Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 13:162-168.
It was featured as a research highlight in Current Science (1985), 24: 892.
45. R. K. Kochhar & M. G. K. Menon (1982) M. K. Vainu Bappu (obituary). Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India a, 10: 275-279.
46. R. K. Kochhar (1978) Astronomy through the ages. Everyman’s Science, 13: 73-78.
47. R. Kochhar (2021) Signs of pseudo-science. [This is what’s wrong with state-backed educational institutions offering courses in astrology] Indian Express (Opinion), 29 July.
48. A. Grover & R. Kochhar (2020) Born in Lahore, a young PEC [Punjab Engineering College] eyes eventful century. Times of India, Chandigarh, Nov.21.
49. A. Grover & R. Kochhar (2020) How Punjab did its bit for space programme. The Tribune (Comment), Nov. 4
50. R. Kochhar (2014) The science behind lunar and solar calendars [A scientific enquiry into Bikrami and Nanakshahi calendars]. The Tribune (Oped) 22 Jan.
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51. R. Kochhar (2008) Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar (60 great men of India in the 20th century). India Today, 21 Apr.
52. R. Kochhar (2004) Patently unfair: Third world should uphold traditional knowledge. Times of India (Edit page), 27 Nov.
Summarized by American Association for the Advancement of Science ( and SciDev.Net(
53. R. Kochhar (2000) J.C. Bose: The inventor who wouldn’t patent. Science Reporter, 37(2): 19-21. {Posted on various websites.}
54. R. Kochhar (1999) India-born U.S. astrophysicist. Chandra Observatory: Tribute to a legend. The Tribune, 27 Jul. {Cited in Wikipedia}
55. R. Kochhar (1995) Transcending the limits: Chandrasekhar’s stellar contribution. Times of India (Edit page), 19 Oct.
56. R. Kochhar (1994) The wrong Bose at Como. Economic Times, 21 May. {How D. M. Bose availed of an invitation meant for S. N. Bose}
Summarized in Khagol, Newsletter of IUCAA, Pune, (1995) Apr., p. 8.
57. R. K. Kochhar (1991) Scientist in exile [Review essay on K. C. Wali’s Chandra, biography of S. Chandrasekhar]. Sunday Times of India, 13 Jul.
a. Chandrasekhar’s own comments on the essay are of interest: “It is always interesting to read upon aspects of the book different reviewers select to comment. In this instance, there seems to be systematic difference between the reviewers in the “West” [his quotes] and in India.” (Personal Communication 5 Aug 1991)
b. The paperback edition of K. C. Wali’s Chandra quotes from the above review.
58. R. Kochhar & W. Orchiston (2017) Development of modern astronomy and emergence of astrophysics in India. In: T. Nakamura, T. and W. Orchiston (eds.) The Emergence of Astrophysics in Asia: Opening a New Window on the Universe (Cham: Springer).
59. R. Kochhar (2014) Sky as a bridge: Transmission of Indian astronomy to China, Korea and Japan. In: Collected Papers for the 70th Birthday of Ennio Badolati (ed.: Sandra Ciccone) ( Cambobasso, Italy: Universita del Molise) pp. 85-96.
60. R. Kochhar (2014) From Ziegenbalg to Alexander Duff: Early years of English education in India 1715-1835. In: Beyond Tranquebar: Grappling with Boundaries (eds: Esther Fihl and A. R. Venkatachalapathy) (Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan) pp. 451-474.
61. R. Kochhar (2013) Panjab University: The early years. In: The Making of Modern Punjab: Education, Science and Social Change c. 1850-c. 2000 (eds. R. Kochhar et al.) ( Chandigarh: Panjab University) pp. 63-65.
62. R. Kochhar (2013) How The Tribune was saved: An interesting chapter from its early history. In: The Making of Modern Punjab: Education, Science and Social Change c. 1850-c. 2000 (eds. R. Kochhar et al.) (Chandigarh: Panjab University) pp. 51-53.
63. R. Kochhar (2013) Education in the 19th century Punjab. In: The Making of Modern Punjab: Education, Science and Social Change c. 1850-c. 2000 (eds. R. Kochhar et al.) (Chandigarh: Panjab University) pp. 15-19.
64. R. Kochhar (2012) Le système des yuga (in French). In: Variations sur un meme ciel ( La ville brule), pp. 33-41.
65. R. Kochhar (2011) Muslims and English education in colonial Bengal: Calcutta Madrasa and Hooghly Mohsin College in a historical perspective. In: Hooghly College 175 (ed: S. K. Mukhopadhyay) ( Hooghly: Hooghly Mohsin College) pp. 17-39.
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66. R. Kochhar (2011) Scriptures, science and mythology: Astronomy in Indian cultures. In: The Role of Astronomy in Society and Culture, Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union Symposium, Vol. 260 (Cambridge University Press) pp. 54-61.…54K
67. R. Kochhar (2010) Ancient Indian astro-mathematical tradition: Evolution and linkages. In: Mathematics and Astronomy: A Joint Long Journey. American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings 1283, pp. 156-160.
68. R. Kochhar (2009) Globalization, Mandalization and the Indian middle class. In: Culture, Society and Development in India (eds: Manoj Kumar Sanyal and Arunabha Ghosh) (Hyderabad: Orient BlackSwan) pp. 23-32.
69. J. V. Narlikar & R. Kochhar (2009) Post-independence Indian achievements in astronomy. In: Science in India (ed: J. V. Narlikar) ( New Delhi : Viva Books)
70. R. Kochhar (2009) Astronomical heritage: Towards a global perspective and action. In: Cultural Heritage of Astronomical Observatories; Proceedings of International ICOMOS Symposium , Hamburg (ed: Gudrun Wolfschmidt) (Berlin: Hendrik Balker Verlag) p. 41.
71. R. Kochhar (2009) Kodaikanal Observatory 1899. In: Cultural Heritage of Astronomical Observatories. Proceedings of International ICOMOS Symposium, Hamburg (ed: Gudrun Wolfschmidt) (Berlin: Hendrik Balker Verlag), pp 255-260
72. David Smith & R. Kochhar (2008) Multimedia archiving of technological change in a traditional creative industry – A case study of the Dhokra artisans of Bankura, West Bengal. In: Cognition, Communication and Interaction ed.: Satinder P. Gill), pp. 501-515 (London: Springer).
73. R. Kochhar (2008) Shipbuilding in India: Wadia shipbuilders. In: Encyclopaedia of the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in Non-Western Cultures, 2nd ed (ed: H. Selin) ( Springer) pp. 2005-2008.
74. R. Kochhar (2007) Promoting astronomy in developing countries: an historical perspective. Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union, Vol. 2 (Cambridge University Press) pp. 21-24.
75. R. Kochhar (2004) S.S. Bhatnagar: Life and Times (Review essay). In Life & Work of Sir S.S. Bhatnagar (by Norah Richards). (New edition, Delhi: NISTADS) (First published 1948).
76. R. Kochhar (2004) Till science transcends the scientist: Role of human factor in science. In: Philosophical Consciousness and Scientific Knowledge: Conceptual Linkages and Civilizational Background. (Ed.: D.P. Chattopadhyaya) (New Delhi: Centre for Studies in Civilization) pp. 249-251.
77. R. Kochhar (2003) Is globalisation encouraging flat-earth mentality. In: Architecture of an Inclusive Society: Eighth Indira Gandhi Conference (New Delhi: Mudrit Publishers) pp. 362-370.
78. R. Kochhar (2001) The Rgvedic Soma plant. In: Medicine and Life Sciences in India (Vol. IV Part 2 of History of Science, Philosophy and Culture in Indian Civilization) (ed. B.V. Subbarayappa) (New Delhi : Centre for Studies in Civilizations) pp. 724-739.
79. R. K. Kochhar (1999) Pre-telescopic astronomy in India. In: History of Indian Science, Technology and culture AD 1000-1800 (ed. A. Rahman) (New Delhi: Oxford Univ. Press) pp. 171-197.
80. R. K. Kochhar (1994) Secondary tools of empire: Jesuit men of science in India. In: Discoveries, Missionary Expansion and Asian Culture (ed: T. R. De Souza) (New Delhi: Concept Publ.) pp. 175-183.
81. R. K. Kochhar (1993) Historical perspective [on pre-telescopic astronomy]. In: Astronomy in India: Past, Present and Future (eds: R. Kochhar & J. Narlikar) (Pune: IUCAA) pp. 1- 42.
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82. R. Kochhar (2014) Vainu Bappu: The Man Who Knew the Stars, by M. S. S. Murthy (Book Review). Current Science, 106 (12):1752-1755.
83. R. Kochhar (2006) Book review. Lucio Russo: The Forgotten Revolution: How Science was born in 300 BC and Why it had to be Reborn (Springer 2004).Indian Journal of History of Science, 41(3): 335-338.
84. R. K. Kochhar (1990) Book review. Cosmic Perspectives (eds. S. K. Biswas, D. C.V. Mallik & C.V. Vishveshwara) (Cambridge Univ. Press). Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 18:104.
85. R. K. Kochhar (1988) Book review. Kepler’s Physical Astronomy (by B. Stephenson) (Springer Verlag). Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 16:252.
86. R. K. Kochhar (1988) Book review. IAU Colloquium No. 91: History of Oriental Astronomy (eds. G. Swarup, A. K. Bag & K. S. Shukla) (Cambridge Univ. Press). Bulletin of the Astronomical Society of India, 16: 249.
87. R. Kochhar (2019) Astronomical basis of the Kumbh fairs.
88. R. Kochhar (2016) Indian higher education under globalization. Talk delivered at Trinity College, Dublin.
89. R. Kochhar (2015) Ancient Indian astronomy and mathematics. Lecture at SJB Institute of Technology, Bangalore.
90. R. Kochhar (2014) Indian geography under European auspices during 16-18th centuries. Talk at International Symposium on Sino-French Geodesic Survey of the Qing Empire in the 18th century, Sanya, Hainan Province, China.

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