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  1. The Vedic People: Their History and Geography


  • Death stalks a generation. (HIndustan Times) 2 Sep. 2007.
  • World of tech-savvy Ganesha [The Tribune (Life Style)] 6 Apr. 2007.
  • Cancer takes a heavy tol in Malwa villages, but who cares. (Indian Express Chandigarh) 25 Nov. 2006.
  • Malwa’s ‘cancer belt’ desperate for government attention. (The Tribune Chandigarh) 14 Nov. 2006.
  • Booming computer sector seen as mixed blessing. (Science Vol. 310 pp.1754) 16 Dec. 2005.
  • A new lease of life for Dhokra (The HIndu) 10 Feb. 2003.


Press Articles

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  1. How corruption subverts the system: It is like the poisoning of the village well
  2. Integrating IT into mainstream industry
  3. An unhealthy exam system: It’s time for knowledge-based education [The Tribune (online edition), Opinions, 16 January, 2004]
  4. Towards a global perspective on globalisation [The Hindu, Open Page, Tuesday 16 Dec. 2003]
  5. Water: the ground reality:
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