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Pages from an unwritten diary

A match was arranged between a girl and a boy. Evverything was fine except for the postal address of the girl’s family who lived on GB Road in Delhi, well known a a red-light area. The boy’s family insisted that the address printed onthe wedding card should not mention GB Road. One can well imagine the mirth that would have arisen if the true address was printed.


Meghnad Saha: Work, life, and times

Calcutta-based Meghnad Saha (1893-1955) set out his theory to explain stellar spectra in a number of papers published in British journals  during 1920-1921. The work was immediately recognized as laying the foundation of quantitative astrophysics.

History chooses the hour; and the hour produces the hero. The only surprise was that the hour was seized not by any established research centre in the West but by a far-off Calcutta which was nowhere on the world research map.

Though Saha and SN Bose (of Bose-Einstein statistics) were part of the British Empire, professionally they were children of Germany.