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Why do Americans address one another by their first name?

One plausible explanation is this.

Early American colonies tended to define themselves using England as a negative bench mark. England was a very hierarchical society which placed great value on old families. Old documents do not mention first name, they routinely refer to a person by his family name as if any one who mattered would know who was meant.

What became USA advisedly decided to do away with emphasis on pedigree. If you address a person by his first name, you are making an important statement:You get no credit for what your ancestors, brothers  or cousins did. What matters is what your own credentials are.

Why is a restaurant called hotel in Hindi?

It is obviously not possible to give a precise answer to the question. One can only speculate. Traditionally, Indians took their meals at home, their own or somebody elses. Sancks could be eaten from a kiosk or a hawker.The only pepole who ate out were the travellers who stayed in ahotel. Thus the only restaurant in town would be a part of a hotel.If you wished to eat out, you would go to ahotel which housed a restaurant.Even when restaurants opened independently of a hotel, the name stuck,